MBS Security is providing highly trained traffic marshals to our clients. Our main focus is to satisfy the customer and provide ultimate security to the client site. Our traffic marshals include services relating to construction sites, educational centers, traffic hotspots, car parks, and any kind of large scale events.

Our traffic marshals specialize in providing vehicle safety and pedestrian traffic at the client site. Our traffic marshals have trained to handles all emergency situations. They use correct hand signals and equipment to hold traffic and also preventing an unusual incident. Their duties include maintaining visitors’ logbook, checking vehicles outside the client side, managing all traffic routes, ensuring the safety of traffic, and authorization of attendants.

MBS Security traffic marshals are highly trained to complete their duties mentioned in the job description. They have a unique uniform to wear according to the site. We surely handle all negative feedback from the client.

Why Choose MBS Services for Security Solutions?

  • Knowledgeable staff with excellence for all security demanded business.
  • Reliable, and cost-effective security services
  • Quality Assurance
  • We provide a foolproof security for the safety of your business.

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