MBS Security will provide a professional approach to your site by offering trained guards to deal with your security. Our guards have command over English, capable of answering the queries, provide satisfaction regarding customer care, excellence in operating computer systems and monitoring of CCTV.

We also include a dedicated manager in our team who will look after the service delivery at your site. Our staff will dress properly according to the theme of your corporate. We prefer our client safety and never disappoint them on their decision to hiring us. Our guards are also responsible for the completion of work hours and their duties. They will write all essentials during their duties in a logbook to prevent any kind of loss.

Majority of the guards have also completed fire marshals and first aid training. We have trained them by conducting scenario situation to ensure your safety. Our operational team will also inform the client on regular basis.

Why Choose MBS Services for Security Solutions?

  • Knowledgeable staff with excellence for all security demanded business.
  • Reliable, and cost-effective security services
  • Quality Assurance
  • We provide a foolproof security for the safety of your business.

Please give us a call on 0207 993 2676 and email us on info@mbssecurities.co.uk to arrange a meeting to discuss further how we work, or simply fill the quote form.